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Journal of Health Sciences is the official publication of the Medical Faculty of Erciyes University, Institute of Health Sciences. It is published three times yearly. The journal welcomes  the submission of the manuscripts directed to clinical and experimental investigations, original case reports, letters to the editor as well as literature reviews in various fields of medicine. The manuscripts sent for consideration for publication are subject to peer review and  must not be previously published elsewhere or be under evaluation of another journal. The protocol of the investigations must be approved by the appropriate ethical committee of the related institution. In research work which includes human informed consent must be obtained prior to the study and this should be stated in the text.

The official  language of the journal is Turkish or English. In manuscripts, third person singular and passive in general should be used. The words used for chemical substances and other foreign terminology should be spelled as they are pronounced in Turkish. The words that have to be used in a foreign language must be italicised. The integrity of Turkish should be preserved in Turkish manuscript and the manuscript protocols for Turkish should be observed. English manuscript should be clear and error-free. Four copies of the manuscript (One original and three photocopy) must be sent or forwarded to the editorial office.

The journal does not accept responsibility for losses of  manuscript or  figures. The manuscripts, whether published or not,  are not returned to the author. On the other hand,  figures or photographs may be returned to the author upon written request. Manuscripts must be prepared according to the regulations stated by the journal. The reason for any manuscript being published considerably later than expected is usually the authors’ mis-understanding of the regulations. Therefore the authors are kindly requested to carefully read the regulations with regard to the submission of the articles.  Editorial board, thus  reserves the right to reject any article not complying with the stated rules; the board may make the necessary corrections or return the manuscript  to the author  for correction. Solely the authors are responsible for the content of the manuscript; the journal does not accept any responsibility from the ideas or conclusions made by the authors.  The copyright of the published articles belong to the journal. The re-publication of whole or part of the article without written permission of the journal is strickly prohibited. Letters to the editor about any article published are welcome; the editor is free to publish or not publish scientific communications between the authors and the readers. The journal also aims at announcing national or international scientific meetings or symposia in most fields of medicine.  

Preparation of the Manuscripts

The manuscripts must be printed on one side of an A4 paper, double-spaced, 12 points and with margins 3 cm on each side. Abbreviations must be made after the first appearence of the related term in the text. When first used, abbreviations must remain in brackets. Numbers between 1-10 must be written with latin characters, those greater than 10 must be written with arabic letters. Numbers in front of the text must be written with latin characters. Original research work and review articles  must not exceed  (one side of)  ten   A-4 papers including  the text, figures, tables as well as the references whereas case reports must be limited to (one side of ) five  A-4 papers. The order of the manuscripts must be as follows; i) for the original research work:  Summary, Introduction, Materials (Patients) and Methods, Results, Discussion, ii) for the case reports: Summary, Introduction, Report of the Cases, Discussion. The authors may include any acknowledgments, if there are any, at the end of  these sections.

Title page : Full title of the manuscript, the names,  the academic degrees and the institutions of  the authors as well as any supports for the study must be stated in this section.  If the study has previously been presented at any scientific meeting, this should be stated including the dates and place of the meeting.  The corresponding author, including home and work address, telephone and fax numbers or      e-mail addresses must be written.

Summary : Summary, not exceeding 200 words, must be submitted in each of the English and Turkish language on separate sheets. Summary should include title, purpose, materials and methods, results, conclusions of the research described in the paper. Abbreviations without explanations must should not be used and references or tables not given in this section

Immediately after the abstract up to five key words should be given. The key words should be taken from Index Medicus (Medical Subject  Headings) (Me SH). Summary  page should not contain any information about the authors’ names and addresses.

Tables : Each table or figure must have a legend. Tables and legends must be typewritten on a separate sheets and tables should be numbered consecutively with Roman numerals. The legend must be written on the top of the table.

Figures and Pictures : Figures and pictures should be numbered with Arabic numerals in the order of appearance in the text and prepared on separate sheets. If not prepared with a computer, must be neatly prepared with ink on transparent or white glossy paper. Photographs must be clear,  printed in black and white and enclosed  in a separate envelope.   Figures, graphics and pictures must have the author’s name and the title of the manuscript printed on their back; the top must be stated with an arrow. The size of them must be  7  by 11 cm, not exceeding 9 by 11 cm. For  microscopic pictures, the staining technique as well as magnification must be written. Two original sets of pictures wheras one original and one photocopy of the figures and graphics must be included.  The Legends for the figures and pictures must be written at the bottom.

References : References should be cited by the number in parenthesis by the order of appearence. The titles of journals must be abbreviated according to the Index Medicus. If the journal does not appear in the Index Medicus, full title of the journal must be written. If there are more than five authors of the article, the first three authors’ names followed by “et al”.

Examples of references 

· From the periodicals;

Jennett B, Teasdale G, Fry J, et al. Treatment for severe head injury. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry 1980; 43:289-295.

· From the books;

West JB. Respiratory Physiology (2nd ed). Williams and Wilkins, Baltimore 1974; pp 72-75.

· Parts from the books;

Sagawa K.Analysis of the CNS ischemic feed back regulation of the circulation. In: Reeve  EB, Guyton AC (eds), Physical Basis of Circulatory Transport. WB Saunders, Philadelphia 1967; pp 129-139.

Note : “In, eds, pp” words are only for English books. Instead of these words for Turkish books “Kitap, yazarlar, ss” words are used, respectively.

· Parts from a translated book;

Berne RM, Levy MN, Koeppen BM, Stanton BA. Physiology (5 th ed). Çeviri: Türk Fizyolojik Bilimler Derneği. Bölüm Çeviri : Aşçıoğlu M. Hipotalamus ve hipofiz bezi. Kitap: Fizyoloji. Güneş Tıp Kitabevleri, Ankara 2008; ss 819-859.

Guyton AC. Textbook of Medical Physiology (7 th ed). Çeviri:Gökhan M, Çavuşoğlu H. Bölüm:Hücre ve fonksiyonları. Kitap:Tıbbi Fizyoloji. Türkçe 2.Baskı. Merk Yayıncılık, İstanbul 1988; Cilt I, ss 15-34

·  From the abstract books;

Ayoğlu F, Işık AF, Bumin MA. Gazi Üniversitesi Tıp Fakültesi Acil Servisine başvuran adli vakaların analizi, V. Ulusal Halk Sağlığı Kongresi Bildiri Kitabı, Marmara Üniversitesi, İstanbul 12-16 Ekim 1996; ss 96-100.

·  From thesis;

Temel İ. Aflatoxin B1’in Tavşanlarda Bazı Kan Parametre Düzeyleri ve Doku Arginaz Aktiviteleri Üzerine Etkileri. Doktora Tezi, Fırat Üniversitesi. Sağlık Bilimleri Enstitüsü, Elazığ 1993; ss ..

References should be listed in the order of appearance in the text.

The manuscripts must be sent to:

Journal of Health Sciences Editorial Office Erciyes University Institute of Health Sciences 38039 Kayseri, Türkiye.

A covering letter must accompany the manuscript. All the authors, in the order of the appearance of their names,  must sign a separate consent sheet at the end of the Journal and web addres ( attached to the covering letter.

Authors may send a 3.5 inch floppy disk which contain their work to the editor in  IBM format; word processing softwares, Word 7.0 for the IBM compatibles are accepted.



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